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The Carry Along Bible

Timeless Bible Stories for Children

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Hadithi za Biblia kwa watoto - Tanzania

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One story a day- All year round

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Kingdom Mindset


To live a victorious Christian life, we have to abide by a set of rules, outlook and mental attitudes that align with God our creator, We were created to function under a characteristic spiritual culture defined under the laws of the God - our factory settings.

Many Christians live under a contradicted and irrational belief System different from the laws of God, whom in His manifold

wisdom created all things in the garden of Eden to function under His pre-defined laws and principles. On this account, I consider

now to be the right moment for the body of Christ to revisit and reconsider its' understanding about the Kingdom of God and its operational principals.

The subject of the Kingdom of God is the only source from which we can get the true ethos of Gods' mind and purpose for our lives. I£ we understand and live by God's Kingdom principles, then we shall become relevant, fulfilled and impactfiul. Without the knowledge of the Kingdom of God, we shall continue to lack spiritual impact and ultimate self-fulfilment as Christian's ought to have.

This book will help you to realize critical Kingdom laws and principles that as a Christian, we ought to stick to. It is designed to propel you to take practical steps towards embracing and walking in a Kingdom Mindset.

Get ready for this amazing transformation in life, put on a Kingdom Mindset.


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Partner with Bethany House

Partner in Building The Church of Christ 

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