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Aluminium Tray

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Holy Communion Aluminium Tray: A highly polished, elegant choice that securely holds 40 cups, designed with universal standard cup holes for seamless communion services.


Categories: Communion Items, Trays , Wines,

Capacity 40 Cups
Make Material Polished Aluminium Material, Durable

Our Aluminium Communion Tray is an exquisite piece of liturgical ware, essential for any church or religious gathering. Crafted from high-grade polished aluminum, it boasts both elegance and durability. With a capacity to hold 40 standard-sized communion cups, this tray is designed for ease of use and efficiency during communion services. Its lightweight nature ensures comfortable handling, while the polished finish adds a touch of solemnity and reverence to the communion ritual. This tray is not only a practical choice but also an investment in quality and beauty for your church's sacred ceremonies


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